Our Process


BUYERS EARNEST MONEY: Please overnight a Cashier’s Check made payable to Tennessee Land Title and send to the address above or you may send your funds via wire transfer. Please contact us directly for wiring instructions.

SELLERS: Please make your Closer is aware of any known title defects, new surveys, HOA fees & HOA contact information, loan payoffs, propane adjustments, Real Estate agent commissions, and any other amounts to collect or prorate on the settlement statement, if any. Please provide your current marital status and if anyone currently on title is deceased.

If you are utilizing a 1031 exchange, please provide the 1031 contact information and make your closer aware of any 1031 deadlines.

Once we receive the title search from the abstractor, the closer receives your file and our attorney reviews the title documents to see if title is clear of defects. If there are any title defects, the attorney may contact you to discuss how to resolve.

If a lender is financing the transaction, the lender will send us a lender order and request a title commitment. Once title is clear we will send the lender a title commitment and await further instruction from the lender regarding a closing date. The lender will set the closing date and your closer will work with the lender to balance the closing disclosure and coordinate closing. Your lender will provide the buyer the cash to close amount. Please confirm your cash to close amount with your closer before obtaining a Cashier’s Check or sending funds via wire transfer.

If this is a cash transaction, we will set the closing date and your closer will schedule the closing with the buyer and seller.

If you will not be attending closing, your closer can either e-mail or overnight your documents via UPS. With either option, the documents will have to be notarized and the originals over-nighted back to us. Please let your closer know which option you prefer.

FUNDING: Funding will occur once all original executed documents, buyer’s funds, and lender approval are received. Please note that funding and disbursing proceeds may take place on the following business day after closing or as soon as these requirements are met.

BE AWARE regulations require certified funds at closing being either a cashier’s check made payable to Tennessee Land Title or wired funds. We CANNOT accept ACH deposits or personal/business checks. If you are wiring funds, please make plans to wire funds the day prior to closing. Most banks require you to initiate wires in person.

Once we close the transaction, we disburse the funds according to the settlement statement and record your documents.

Please remember we are all on the same team, working together toward a successful closing. Closings can move forward easily and efficiently if everyone is patient, works together and communicates effectively. We look forward to working with you!

It is not unusual for there to be some time to pass before we reach out to you. If you are not in agreement or comfortable with the process described herein, then we may not be the title company for you and you may withdraw your Contract at this time. Please let your Closer know to cancel your file.

If you have any questions, please email your closer. You may also call 865-453-1478 to reach your closer or leave a message. We will attempt to return your call within 24 hrs.


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