Devin J. Koester, the attorney at Tennessee Land Title performs a series of important actions as appropriate to your specific transaction, such as:

  • Perform a title search, evaluate the status of title, and recommend appropriate legal remedies to clear defects.
  • Prepare the Closing Documents including a Closing Statement and inform you about any stipulations that affect your interests.
  • Explain and counsel you about all legal documents related to the transaction, including closing statements, deeds, and mortgages.
  • Advise you how title should be taken and how this affects your overall estate.
  • Relate the income, estate, and gift tax effects on your estate.
  • Check unrecorded municipal liens, including sewer and special assessment liens.
  • Advise you on what the title policy does not protect against, with special emphasis on insurability and marketability.
  • Explain the property tax structure.
  • Explain any lender problems that may result from unmarketability.

Finally, at closing, a representative of Tennessee Land Title will be present to check every detail, making sure the documents carry out the parties’ intent as it is expressed in the contract, and meet requirements for a marketable title. This is the most critical part of all, and attorney participation is important in helping you protect your investment and your financial security. You can rely on the expertise, integrity and accuracy of Tennessee Land Title in your next real estate purchase. Call us at 865-453-1478 .

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